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Alok Aggarwal

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Business Since - 2014

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Services Overview

Scry Collatio is an automated platform cum solution that ingests your data into pre-built containers and creates a Single Source of Truth (with 95%+ accuracy). Once the data is in the containers, machine learning and natural language processing algorithms enable your business to improve the accuracy of the data. Analyzing data is a great asset, but if your data is incorrect or unorganized, then all of the corresponding analytics will be inaccurate, thereby, wasting valuable resources.

Scry Jidoka a library of AI solutions that provide Automated and Actionable Insights. Some of these solutions include

  • Service Management
  • Customer Prospecting & Retention
  • Small and Medium Business Prospecting & Retention (for Loans)
  • Forecasting People who are likely to refinance mortgages or autoloans
  • Complaints Categorization and Resolution
  • Improving Compliance & Efficiency in Call Centers
  • Automated Data Entry (& Converting Paper-based format to electronic formats e.g., tables, text, pictures, etc.)

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