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Overview and Key Benefits


“Quickstart is helping us develop our unique strategy that will most effectively support our growth.

By focusing our efforts and making the prioritization of the initiatives more transparent we can make faster, stronger decisions and use data to bring more explicit value to Kern Schools Federal Credit Union. QuickStart got us up and running with quick results as promised!”

Stephen P. Renock, CEO, Kern Schools Federal Credit Union.

How do we perform CULytics QuickStart?

How do we perform CULytics QuickStart?

During the QuickStart, CULytics team will work with you to assess and define your data analytics and digital marketing roadmap, identify business needs, and hold in-dept discussions with your team throughout the assessment cycle. Post assessment, we will work with you to identify the appropriate resources (either internal or consulting) that will work with you through the build phase, into formal journey execution and value realization.

What is included?


Using a structured agenda, facilitate a requirement gathering session to quickly learn who are the stakeholders, what roles will they play, what are the high-level business needs and challenges. We will also understand how your business functions use data today, uncover key challenges in using data and find new opportunities to help drive business outcomes. We will capture these requirements and then put in a framework to collaborative come up with vision and long/short term business priorities.

Current State Assessment

In this phase, we will understand your current structure and process that are in place to drive insights and business value. Is there a technical architecture that exists to meet business capabilities requirements? Is there a structured approach to data quality and integration?

Future State Vision and Recommendation

  • What's the data infrastructure needed to realize the value of the data?
  • What digital marketing instrastructure is needed?
  • What BI and analytics functionality is needed?
  • What Data governance framework is needed to successfully manage, secure and use the data?
  • What executive and operational reporting framework is required?

Opportunities Prioritization and Roadmap

In close partnership with your team, we develop a comprehensive 18-24 months roadmap that covers people, process and technology aspects of your strategy.

Different organization models, such as centralized Data Analytics team vs de-centralized data analytics team vs hybrid are considered with pros and cons of each to come up with a model that is most effective for you. Along with this an overall team hiring (as appropriate) and skill development plan is created.

Detailed plan with priorities and timetables to enhance the processes to reduce operational/reporting inefficiencies and drive growth is outlined.

Technology implementation plan for data management, data governance, advanced analytics model, digital marketing is  development is developed.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q : Can Quickstart services be customized for our specific needs?

A: Yes, QuickStart package can be customized for your specific needs. We see some organizations, using this service to have a part-time Chief Data Officer/VP Digital Analytics or Digital Marketing Lead, who can help define the strategy and ensure that appropriate progress is made as per the roadmap.

Q : How is this service different than other consulting providers?

A: CULytics provides the strategic consulting and provides oversight for implementing technical solutions, which can either be done in-house or through other vendors. This ensures that the strategy and the roadmap is aligned with your specific requirements and is not influenced by the capabilities of the consulting vendor.