Performance Measures for Lending

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Workshop - Performance Measurements for Lending

About This Workshop

About this Workshop

There are 100's of data points and ratio's that can be measured and tracked when we think about lending. However, as we know what really matters is whether you and your organization can move towards the target state and can these metrics help you measure and monitor the progress and strategize.

In this workshop we are going to discuss the key lending objective areas and then the process of defining small number of Key Performance Indicators that are aligned with those objectives.

What you will Learn

What you will learn

  • Gain a better understanding of lending analytics programs.
  • Learn how good performance measurement can improve results.
  • Learn the role of data analytics in lending programs.
  • Learn the best practices for implementing lending metrics programs.


Bob Little

Advisor, CULytics

Bob provides guidance to CULytics member organizations in developing and implementing digital marketing programs, leveraging data to drive improved organizational performance and developing data management programs to ensure good governance and compliance. He design and deliver workshops and lead in depth consulting engagements to ensure credit unions achieve success with their digital and data driven initiatives.

Workshop Content


Performance Measures for Lending

Learn about lending analytics, the struggles associated with lending analytics. Also learn what are the different lending metrics that one should measure in order to understand their lending initiatives better.

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