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Hi all,One of our strategic initiatives in 2018 is centered around the member experience and finding a way to gauge member satisfaction and brand loyalty across multiple channels (branch, call center, mobile, etc.). We are in the process of researching vendors, but was curious if others have any references they are willing to share. Any feedback you have would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!Summary of What We are Hoping to Achieve1. Get timely feedback from member surveys in order to close the loop2. Ability to digitally survey our members through mobile and online platforms3. Integration of data for future use - would like to be able to tie the data back to our Core system4. Ability to survey members and employees in order to gauge how we are doing externally as well as internally

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    Hey Brett! Just sent you an email. Looking forward to speaking more...

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    Hi Brett, we have been leveraging Satmetrix for our member experience management software platform for few years and collect Net Promoter Score data across all our channels. We deploy 2 separate surveys, transactional and relationship, and distill the information to our internal key stakeholders on weekly basis for transactional and quarterly for relationship. We only leverage the platform for our external members at this time. I recommend requesting a demo to understand all their capabilities, including the connection to your core system.

    Satmetrix NPX. Get the powerful customer experience software that drives customer satisfaction, promotes customer loyalty, and increases word of mout…
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