Address: 4 Crosby Drive Bedford, MA 01730

Contact: Dylan Tancill

Phone: 978-275-8204

Business Since: 1985

Number of Customers: 40,000 worldwide, 700+ Credit Unions

Offering Overview

Datawatch Corporation confidently positions individuals and organizations to master all data – no matter the origin, format or narrative. Datawatch solutions for Credit Unions automate data extraction from Core System Reports, simplify daily reconciliation processes, accelerate fraud detection and streamline regular reporting processes (e.g. 5300 Call Report). Datawatch is the preferred choice for Credit Unions with assets ranging anywhere from $23 million to $81 billion

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  • CU Employee

    Monarch is a great tool for the system generated standard reports that are pervasive in this industry. Having a tool like monarch makes quick work of an otherwise time consuming task. If they still included automation in the base product, i'd give it a 5 star, but the automations options only come with a much steeper price tag in recent years. There are other soluitions out there the compete with Monarch, but so far I've foudn Monarch to be the most user friendly.

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