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Sponsors FAQs - 2020 CULytics Virtual Summit

To Dear Valued Partners

I’m pleased to report that your sponsorship of the 5th Annual Virtual CULytics Summit is going to be more valuable than ever this year.  Despite everyone’s disappointment in the cancellation of the in-person event due to the pandemic, we have taken the opportunity to re-imagine and reinvent the Summit as a virtual event.  We’re quite pleased with how the conference is shaping up and we think you will be too. 

We haven't just taken the Summit online, we've completely re-imagined the entire conference.  We've applied new technology, new processes and new expertise.  It will be a whole new experience for our members, and the new benefits for our partners are impressive.

We found a way to significantly expand the value of your sponsorship by leveraging our new virtual conference platform.  Among the new capabilities provided are a branded micro-site for each partner, downloadable content like videos and collateral, on-line ads, artificial intelligence-based matchmaking with members, private meetings, interactive polling, and more.

Here we have listed some of the FAQ's relating to that. 


Question: Can you share some of the additional details around the whole new changes and new summit platform?

Answer: We would recommend you to go through this "RECORDING" and "PRESENTATION" to get more details about the platform as well as other updates that we have introduced. 


Question: How can we submit the deliverables for the virtual booth?

Answer: You can submit the details regarding the virtual booth via this form -


Question: Can we get more details about each element in the form?

Answer: Please go through this "RECORDING" and "PRESENTATION" that shares all the details about the information form.


Question: Whom should we add as representatives for our booth?

Answer: Your booth representatives will be the face of your booth. These are those people, whom the attendees can reach out and set up meetings with while they are on your booth? These representatives do not have to man the booth as such or do any task from their end.


Question: How will our booth chat work?

Answer: Your booth chat will be open during all the summit days. Anyone can come up and participate in those chats.


Question: What is the difference between booth chat and personal chat?

Answer: Your booth chat will be open for all the attendees. Anyone can see the conversations going on there. Your personal chat will be just between you and the person you are chatting with. 


Question: How many complimentary registrations do we get?

Answer: Complimentary registrations are based on the sponsorship tiers. Unlike other events, we try to maintain a good balance between partners and credit union members at the Summit to provide the best experience for all.

  • Bronze sponsors will get one complimentary passes.
  • Silver sponsors get two complimentary passes.
  • Gold sponsors get three complimentary passes.
  • Platinum sponsors get four complimentary passes.


 Question: I am a Silver Sponsor and have registered 2 of our employees based on complimentary registrations using the free code provided. What benefits will those employees get?

Answer:  Your employees with complimentary registration will get the following benefits.

  • Access to the summit platform, so that they can set up meetings with attendees and participate in all sessions.
  • Listed on your booth as representatives so that attendees can schedule meetings with them.
  • They can get on a video call with attendees. 


Question: How can we register an additional representative for the summit? Will he have access to similar benefits as the complementary representative.

Answer:  The number of sponsor attendees is limited to the event. We carefully monitor the ratio of sponsor and financial institution (non-sponsor) registrations to ensure the best experience for everyone. There are other industry events where attendees complain that every other person they met was trying to sell them something. Also, there are events where sponsors complain that they have to compete to get the attention of the attendees after all the investment that they have made in the event. Therefore, we limit the number of sponsor attendees based on the sponsorship tiers. However, we do understand that at times, you want to register additional representatives. These additional representatives can register at a discounted price ($1395 instead of $1995). These spots are limited based on the sponsorship tiers.

  • Bronze sponsors can register one additional people at a discounted price.
  • Silver sponsors can register two additional people at a discounted price.
  • Gold Sponsors can register three additional people at a discounted price.
  • Platinum sponsors can register four additional people at a discounted price.

All these representatives will get the same benefits as complementary representatives (basically get listed on the booth, attend all sessions, and meet with others).


Question: What is the difference between the role of our company employee whom we have registered with complimentary registration and for whom we have paid.

Answer: There is no difference between their roles. We will add all your registered company reps. on the booth be it paid or additional. Attendees can reach out directly for 1:1 with them after seeing their names on the booth. In addition, all your company representatives can engage 1:1 with attendees, participate in the booth or personal chats, and get together with them on the video call from their end. The difference is just that for the additional attendees you have to purchase the pass for a discounted price of $1395. 


Question: How will we get access to the Summit Platform?

Answer: You will be creating your personal account on the platform. We will be sharing the procedure with you soon. While creating your accounts you can set up your profile, their headshots, their bio, interest areas, etc, that will help them in connecting with the attendees of similar interests.


Question: Where should pictures of our representatives be entered?

Answer: We will provide your representatives with access to the platform so that they can create and set up their own accounts, where they can add there images, profiles etc. 


Question: When will be able to see our final booth?

Answer: We will take you through your booth in the week of 8/10 and 8/17. 


Question: Will we be able to make changes to our booth?

Answer: We will be taking you through your booth. You can tell us the changes that you need us to make and we will make those changes at our end. 

Question: How long should be our carousel videos?

Answer: There is no length limit for the carousel videos. However, we prefer it to be 5-10 minutes long. 


Question: How many videos can we add on the carousel? 

Answer: You can add as many videos as you like on the carousel. Just make sure you provide us their vimeo/youtube links.  


Question: How do I create links in our company description?  I entered them via MS WORD but they are erased on the form?

Answer: You can add those URLs next to the word you want to link it to For eg. Visit HERE ( to know moreHere the word "HERE" will be linked to the URL next to it.


Question: How will our content be viewed in the Carousel? 

Answer: Here are the screenshots for the Video View, Landscape View, and Portrait view of the filed that will be added to your carousel. 

7141622669?profile=RESIZE_710xVIDEO VIEW

7141623458?profile=RESIZE_710xPORTRAIT VIEW

7141624454?profile=RESIZE_710xLANDSCAPE VIEW


Thanks for your partnership. Hope you enjoy the summit.


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