Influence Amplifier

Influence Amplifier

Drive new membership, deepen relationship and reduce attrition by reaching out to your target audience on social channels.

CULytics Influence Amplifier helps you boost your social messaging by identifying your most socially influential members and turning them into brand advocates.

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How Does It Work?

Getting started with Influence Amplifier is very simple


Gather List

Get list of email addresses of your members and/or employees whose social amplifier score you want to retrieve



Use the provided Google Sheet/Excel template to encrypt the email address using MD5


Upload To Influence Amplifier

Upload the MD5 encrypted list of emails to the cloud using Influence Amplifier


Process Starts

As soon as you upload the file, the background job will provide the enriched data for each of the encrypted email address



Download the enriched data to drive your brand advocacy program


Frequently Asked Questions


Q : Will I get the data appended for all of my members/employees?

A: The data append is done based on the email address provided. Sometimes, People use different email addresses for different social accounts. In that case, we are able to get the data for only where the email match is there.

Q : What data is appended for my members/employees?

A: Here is the most common data elements that Influence Amplifier attempts to provide. Remember that not all the data elements may be provided for all the records

- Linkedin Connections

- Twitter Followers and Following

- Google Followers

- Klout Score, Topics

- Location (State)

- Employer

- Bio

- Links to profiles on other social sites such as slideshare, foursquare, pinterest, etc.

Q : How quickly do I get the results back?

A: For a typical credit union with about 100k members, you should be able to get the data back in 24 hours.

Q : How safe is my data?

A: Influence Amplifier uses the latest security methods to ensure that your information is secure. We take all the necessary precautions to protect the information. Ask for detailed security overview document to get better understanding of our security architecture. At a very high level, all the data that you send to us is given in md5 encryption. We have provided an excel/google sheet to convert your members email addresses to md5. All the social information that we gather is stored in databases on secure Amazon server.

Q : How current is the social connection data?

A: The data is directionally correct to help you make social advocacy decisions. However, Social data for the members is retrieved in cycles of 3-6 months and may not be most current.

Q : How do I provide you the data?

A: You upload the member information on Influence Amplifier Application in encrypted form.

Q : How do you provide me the data back?

A: You can download the data from the Influence Amplifier Application.

Q : How do I send the data for new members?

A: You upload the member information on Influence Amplifier Application in encrypted form. Instead of providing the information about all the members,just provide it for the new members.

Q : Will I be able to get the social data for people, who were once a member but are no longer member?

A: Yes, you should be able to get social information about the people, if you have their email address. In our tests, we see that Influence Amplifier is able to get information for about 52 percent of the email addresses.

Q : Do I get data from all popular social sites?

Linkedin - If there is a match then Influence Amplifier is able to get the # of connections (up to 500) and the URL

Twitter - If there is a match then Influence Am lifier can et the Follower information and the URL

Facebook - If there is a match then Influence Amplifier is able to know ifthe profile exists. But Facebook does not provide the number of friends info. and the URL

Q : How is it priced?

A: We are working on the pricing details and would love to work with you as a charter customer on a very low cost proof of concept