CU-lytics is an online community platform that helps you maximize the value in the data analytics journey to drive real outcomes. Data leaders from across the country help each other find new ideas, exchange advice to advance on their initiatives and build deeper working relationships.

As part of the Credit Union community, you have full access to public and CU communities. You are encouraged to join communities, which cover many topics and professional networks.

This is a vendor-neutral platform that is community lead and managed. It is not associated or sponsored by any credit union. All opinions here are authors personal views and are not the views of their employer.

Volunteer Leadership

Learn how to get involved and play a bigger role in shaping how data and analytics is used in the CU Industry.

Join as Community Chair and/or Expert. 

Community Chair Duties

  • Promote and ensure a safe and respectful environment for all participants. Make new members feel welcomed.
  • Moderate the content/discussion on the community. Encourage conversations and content from members. 
  • Educate members and event participants about the community section specific endeavors.
  • Drive development and definition of community goals that everyone is comfortable working towards.
  • Work with a wide range of individuals and find the common ground and goals that everyone is comfortable working towards.
  • Resolve interpersonal problems or disagreements about how to proceed with specific objectives for the community.
  • Involved with the strategic planning of events and ensure that all activities are in accordance with the community's mission.
  • Attend community chairs meeting and offer advice and insights to promote collaboration and strategic direction of CU-lytics.
  • This effort is expected to require commitment of about 4-8 hours every month.

"Expert" Duties

  • Be available for up to 4 hours every month to provide expert guidance to peers from other CUs.
  • Guidance can be given via discussion forums, emails and/or phone call
  • Publish your availability calendar to the community.

Send your requests to

Cu-lytics Team

Naveen Jain - Founder and President

Dale Davaz - Community Chair

Hemanth Gangaram - Community Chair

Greg Nolder - Community Chair